Sunday, January 20, 2013


Justin was just a little boy, when his mom asked me to paint a tree on his wall.  He's big, now, and this wall has been repainted and artwork painted over, but I have these photos, these memories!!  I bet, when they see his little boy room, again, it will bring back sweet memories.

I love birds and seem to always want to put birds, somewhere in the scene.  It was a while back, but I think I painted these little blue birds, because they matched some of his bedding or some decor in his room.  Or, maybe, I painted the blue birds because he was a little boy.

These squirrels are having fun, playing up and down the tree and Justin said he wanted a lizard, too.
The chameleon is watching the squirrels play.

Back then, I did quite a bit of work in this beautiful home.  A mural in three bedrooms, painted the walls, painted a special finish on the kitchen cabinets. Lots of other work, too.
Thank you for the very nice memories!

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  1. Lynda, I love birds and squirrels especially these playful little guys. What a fun room for a child to grow up with. I bet it broke their heart to paint over that mural. I'm glad you still have the pictures.