Friday, December 21, 2012


Maria lives in Dallas and is expecting a baby girl at the end of December. Her mother has a beautiful dresser that is pink and white with a big bouquet of flowers on the front.  Maria wanted me to paint something like that for her baby girl's nursery..  This is the dresser that I painted for Maria.

Maria's mom found this old dresser at a flea market.  The style is very similar to the original dresser.
It was a bit wobbly and my neighbor did an old fashioned repair on the back, to make it more stable.  He put a screw on each four corners and then attached wires and tightened them until the dresser didn't sway, anymore.

When he was working on the dresser, he pulled out a drawer, turned it over and this is what he found.  Back in the 60's, we think someone was doing homework and studying the states and capitals of the United States.  Was so neat to find this!

This is the old dresser as it sat in the flea market.
Maria's mom sent her photos of the dresser I painted for her and her mom said she was very happy and loved it!  That made me feel good, too.
Next week, it will be on it's way to Dallas, just in time for that sweet baby's arrival.

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  1. Lynda, this is so my style. Pink and white stripes and beautiful bows. Perfect for a nursery!